Stanisław Lem Book Covers

Stanislaw Lem is my favourite Science-Fiction writer. I love the books “Imaginary Magnitude” and “A Perfect Vacuum” in particular. Both of them are rather unknown and have been published by just a few publishing houses. I think they deserve more attention because Lem discussed things like artificial intelligence, philosophy and technology long before other famous SF-writers.

I designed three different covers for each book, some are based on hand drawings, others on vector illustrations.

But all of them have one thing in common: they reveal the complexity and profoundness of Lem’s works.

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Digital Art & Photo Manipulation “Food”


First, there was this lake, full of milk! Well, it was perfectly alright with me...but what a waste...


Then I came to this town. It nearly hurt me to see this guy running over all those fragile eggs. I wonder where they came from?


Then it got really cosy. I was cuddling with this pretty lady. I think she was feeling lonely, cheap and used...


In the end I watched this man, who’s eating pork all the time. He looked liked one himself that....oh don’t want to see any more of it!