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I have been working on a logo for a small family-owned business that produces natural oils for salads and cooking. Actually they wanted me to redesign their old logo. This is the latest result.

They had designed their logo with a CAD Software which has absolutely nothing to do with corporate design.

I didn’t like this windmill thing at all and designed two new logos with a walnut leaf and an oil drop that symbolize the oil’s natural ingredients and I used a personal looking handwritten font for their name.



But somehow they weren’t happy with these logos. They thought it looks too much like a competitors logo. The main reason however was that they absolutely wanted a windmill in their logo. I found this totally illogical because they weren’t producing their oils with a windmill. Then they told me there used to be a windmill until 30 years ago close to their place.

I thought about it and started to make some research on that specific windmill and windmills in general. When you start to read beyond the boring Holland and windmill cliches it’s such an interesting topic.

I found this great site, Windmühlen Archiv an archive about windmills with photographs by Reinhardt Krause. He documented ruins of old windmills in Eastern Germany. It sounds funny but some of these photographs are very moving and frightening. Many old windmills stand like skeletons on lonely fields.
I was really happy about this anachronistisic picture of the so-called donkey-mill in Halle. I grew up with this windmill that had been built in the 18th century and during the 1970s it became more and more surrounded by these ugly apartment buildings. Today these buildings are gone but the windmill is still there.

Anyway, in the end I made this windmill logo above. I think they like it but I still didn’t get a real feedback.

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

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    Hi, I am planning to start my new business, which is related to wind mill. We identify locations, erect&install wind mills for producing electricity.

    I am looking for a logo with a modern wind mill picture and must give a message for clean energy.

    Can you design something like that…?

    By the mean time I am from India.

  1. Abbas Parasseri
  2. Thank you for your interest. But at the moment I don’t have time for design work.
    Good luck with your business.

  3. Defifee

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