Károly Reich

Reich, pig on a sled

Karoly Reich was a famous Hungarian graphic artist. He illustrated many wonderful books for children. Most of his illustrations picture traditional Hungarian peasant life with folklore elements and animals like cats, foxes, bears, pigs and sparrows. I think he mostly used wax crayons and watercolours.

cat on roof

cock on a tree

The three bunnies

Reich was born in 1922, his parents were farmers at the Balaton region in Hungary. He is internationally known for his colourful and vivid illustrations of over 500 children’s books. Reich created many drawings that were inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. The way he catches the bodies’ shapes with a few lines is very fascinating. It seems as if he overemphasized the size of legs and behinds while heads are small. Maybe that style is very similar to original Greek drawings. Reich never considered himself an artist but a craftsman.

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Reich illustration

Reich illustration

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

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    Nice. I love the top one with the fox and the pig in the snow!

  1. laura@popdesign
  2. Yes, I love it too! I got it in the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. They were selling many Karoly Reich posters and postcards there.

  3. Defifee

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